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Connecting pharma, patients and genomics for personalized medicine

A blockchain-based genomic trust system: integration, authorization, search, provision.

Parametrization & analytics of existing data

The blockgene system can be applied to any genomic data stored in different formats and storage technologies (servers, clouds, decentralized). Parametrized data is searchable on all locations.

Blockchain ID for patients and records keeping 

Every access to private genomic data is authorized by the patient - through the existing electronic health record or private app. Access traceability on the blockchain and full privacy for genome owners.

Genomic data search, provision & monetization

Trust-free search of variants for pharma companies and other interested parties providers and research. Exchange of information without transfer of data & monetization.

More data is needed for more personalized medicine



The promise of personalized medicine

More genomic data is the key for the advent of personalized medicine. Faster and more effective drug discovery depends on large amounts of genomic data  to provide more targeted, personalized drugs.

Everyone in the health care ecosystem profits from the increased accessibility of genomic data. provides a fast, trust-free and blockchain-based system to integrate legacy and newly established genome repositories. Database integration, search, authorization and provision connects the genomic data value chain from healthcare providers to patients and pharmaceutical companies. is different

We are well aware of the fact that health care systems have a long history and track record which will not change overnight. strives to integrate itself into existing health systems without ever compromising the benefits of the analysis, provision and exchange of genomic data. We recognize and integrate different storage systems, file formats as well as different types of electronic health records.


Why DNA is special

Why is DNA different from other medical data?

Your genetic data will not change

In contrast to other medical data like blood pressure, sugar levels or other indicators, genomic data does only marginally change during your lifetime. It is the blueprint for your physical existence. The high sensitivity of this data for privacy breaches, combined with the increasing value of genomic data for present and future well-being, makes it the more urgent to protect and open genomic data at the same time.


Why blockchain for genomics?

The opposing and concurrent requirements at of trust and privacy, and the ability to exchange data, make the blockchain the technology of choice to be used for genomic data.

Healthcare - a complex ecosystem

Healthcare includes many stakeholders who's needs and workflows have to be accounted for. integrates into existing ecosystems to provide more genomic data for drug development. Security, privacy, authorization and provision are the cornerstones of our blockchain solution for genomic data.


Our experienced team consists of blockchain experts, bioinformaticians,
medical doctors as well as business developers. 

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Our advisory board consists of blockchain experts, bioinformaticians, medical doctors as well as business developers. The complexity of healthcare demands a skill set comprising many different domains of expertise.

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"You should have personalized genomics, personalized physiology, personalized medicine, where each person's different, and each body is an integrated whole."

George M. Church



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